Project Description:

''Siluet-KIP'' program.

In partnership with City of Moscow government, City of Moscow Planning and Architecture Departments, Russian Federation Government.

Revitalization, Renovation, Rehabilitation program.

Federal and Municipal Affordable housing programs.

Apartment buildings 9, 12 and 17 story high built in the 70Ős and 80Ős are rapidly deteriorating. Siluet KIP program, with its proprietary know-how design / built methods, provides renovation of interior mechanical systems and exterior facades and produces new affordable housing units by adding floors and structures attached to existing buildings. Parking structures in the interior courtyards are also provided by the program.

Status - ongoing.

Valuation - each renovation / rehabilitation site is over $ 100,000,000. Numerous sites throughout Moscow City and Moscow County.

Role of AMA Developers - Leader of this program, in partnership with numerous public and private enterprises.